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Aaron Emmanual Harris, also known as Hands On, is a Recording Artist and Music Producer focusing on Christian Rap and live performances. Aaron's musical works mostly consist of Christian rap lyrics and hip hop style vocals. His music production catalog also includes worship style musical recordings with a gospel, pop, and RnB vibe.


Aaron chose the name Hands On back in 2005 when he first started recording music. The meaning of the name comes from the idea that every song ought to be a hands on production. Aaron has performed live in churches of multiple sizes. He has also performed for a group of juvenile inmates as part of a prison outreach ministry, and he has taken the stage for many community outreach events with live performances.


On this site you will find samples of songs from Aaron's catalog as well as resources for digging deeper into the meaning of his songs. To learn more about Aaron Harris, visit the Bio page. To purchase songs, visit http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/HandsOn2.

Upcoming Projects

  • Marathon by Aaron Harris - Anticipated release date of November 15, 2015.
  • Re-Mastering of JAMWAP - Coming Soon
  • Re-Mastering of Heed This Warning - Coming Soon
  • Garage Sessions - Coming Soon

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